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dear heart,
what do you want me to know right now?

you create your world!

What is an Lg workshop?

March 22,2022

Let's Gather

  • An Lg workshop is an opportunity to gather with other women who are curious and on a journey to be the best they can be. A Let's Gather workshop creates safe space to help identify, let go, and heal something that is holding you back from living the story you are meant to live.

  • The workshop is a trust circle. Where those in the circle can let go and be guided to listen to their heart. This trust circle is about being part of an environment of encouragement, listening and compassionate support. A place where ideas, stories, and feelings are shared, respected, and protected and judgement has no space. Each participant is in service to themselves and each other. The power of trust creates: safety, freedom, comfort, healing, protection, feeling of being loved, and personal growth.

  • Release. In the workshop, you will transform the story you no longer want to tell ... to follow the ahas, wishpers and breadcrumbs to hear and listen to your true internal desires to begin to tell a new story; It is about remembering and celebrating the story of you. You will begin to see things differently either through emotion, seeing it differently, or letting it go. Release happens when you say things out loud, hear yourself, and be heard. There is also a release ceremony, a physical, creative, and energetic removal from your body.

“We don’t need to endure misalignment”

There may come a time we may feel grateful for the misalignment... to bring us to a consciousness of the turn in our journey.

Dear Heart, “Once in a while you may…feel lost” “and that’s okay”



Who I am

Leslie Alpha Bestulic, Artist, Author, Inter-disciplinarian, which means I've studied art, education, and psychology and the study of interdisciplanarity. I am a workshop and trust circle facilitator. I am an artist and I work from my soul. My intention in this workshop is to guide self-expression through exercises in art and and the principles of Lg. I encourage mistakes, risk taking, and mindfulness/mindlessness though art because I believe that is the path to self-expression, hearing our dreams, and finding our way through being curious, imagining, and taking the action of sharing. I am interested in guiding others to find their path with E's, ease. I have always had the passion to create creative community and allow the creative expression to give place for joy and camaraderie. I am a believer of love and art in its power of expression and ease.

Who I am not

I am not a doctor of medicine or of psychology.

This is not

This is not a psychoanalytical session or nor does it recommend any treatment. It is not meant to be difficult but it may, and most probably will, bring up emotion or feelings as with many art self-expression exercises. This workshop is not meant to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. It is not reimbursable through health insurance policies, as psychotherapy often is. Our relationship does not require either of us to be responsible beyond the scope of the workshop in any way other than the respect of the trust circle.

THIS IS a group community exercise and trust circle made up of women sharing and growing through self-expression and self awareness encouraged through art and shared story. This workshop was designed to be enjoyable, mindful, .and healing.