Leslies' Story

Although her aesthetic approach to life has always traveled with her, Leslie's need for actively creating and expressing through visual art didn’t wholeheartedly appear until a whisper became too loud to ignore. A few years ago she returned to school and completed an interdisciplinary degree in art, education, and psychology. Although the three disciplines had been passions of hers, it was the study of interdisciplinarity that connected the dots. It gave her a way to understand the world in its connectedness and wholeness. Leslie creates to share, inspire imagination, and stimulate healing, ideas, and self discovery. 

"It has taken me a few years, and some poking and prodding from Lg to share her presence, possibility, and purpose in the  story, Meet Lg. The illustration of Lg appeared on my sketchpad at a time when I found myself in a puddle of healing and life changes.  I didn’t know it but I was about to move my life in a new direction. My heart became my listening guide."

Writing and discovering Lg’s story was about finding a way to fulfill her desires for all children to live in a loving compassionate world and to live the fullest expression of themselves. To answer this desire for children she also had to turn to their role models. Only big children themselves, grownups often struggle to find ways to live their own heart inspired journeys. Leslie wanted to create a message to help align purpose and love individually, and ultimately, collectively for all ages. Lg is her way to illustrate a message for everyone. 

Leslie continues trusting the whispers of possibility and passion as she creates with gratitude. On this journey, She has embraced the roles of artist, author, mother, grandmother, certified life coach, partner in business management and product design, traveler, lifelong learner, friend, connector, guide, runner, tree-hugger, and storyteller.


Leslie in flow 

Acrylic play